Hi, I’m Natalie.

I have a deep love for family life and the outdoors.

I’m ambitious, diligent and adventurous when it comes to my work. Photography has given me the opportunity to experience many different jobs and I have come to realize that whatever the assignment, I’m really just inspired by the affection and closeness between people in different times of their life. Know why? Because it’s 100% REAL.

That is what I really strive to see… the real you.

A Little Background

I’ve worked as a photographer since 2011 after graduating from RCC with a Commercial Photography Degree. After having two Commercial based internships in school, I decided that it wasn’t necessarily the path I wanted to take. 

You win some, you lose some right?

 I wanted to be able to capture genuine moments but still have some creative, free thinking involved so I started diving into portrait work. Not long after that, I started shooting a few small weddings and BOOM—I was kind of hooked. If emotion and love stories are what you’re after as a photographer, the Wedding industry is where it’s at.

Why i’m here…

Let me start off by saying, I’m here to have a good time! We all know beautiful photos are the goal in the end, but if there isn’t any fun in the mix, we might be at a loss!

I’m here for everyone ♥

If you love being if front of the camera, then we’re a perfect match. But what if you don’t? Never fear, we have all been there (including yours truly) but none of that really matters. Why?! Because what i’m after is the connection between you and yours. I love seeing you with your loved ones and so being engaged and connected is what I’m eager to see and capture.

Don’t sweat the rest !

Photography courtesy of Andrea Woodard Photo.